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Sabre “Outstanding Product” by Hi-Fi News

“I adore the Sabre. It’s richer-sounding than current MMs in my experience, but no less detailed and precise, with plenty of speed and attack for coping with transients. While there’s still a magical warmth to moving-coils which separates them from moving-magnets, this narrows the gap to insignificance.”

Click the link below to read the outstanding three-page review in full. You can also download the reviews and logos to share this news with your customers from Vertere Resources

MG-1 MKII Awarded “Best in Class” by AVForums

“The MG-1 Mk2 is a device that calmly dismantles what you might believe vinyl to be capable of”

“Some products simply let their engineering do the talking and the Vertere is a fine example of this ethos”

“It’s a line in the sand by which I will judge everything else and, as AVForums cruelly lacks a ‘Transcendent Moment’ badge, it is unquestionably a Best In Class”

Click the link below to read the outstanding review in full. You can also download the reviews and logos to share this news with your customers from Vertere Resources


Vertere Wins Best Turntable over £2k & Best Phono Stage over £500!


Vertere wins big at the What Hi-Fi Awards 2021 with both the “formidable” DG-1 Dynamic Groove/Magneto turntable and Phono-1 Mk II phono stage, recognised as the best in their category and price point for the second year in a row!

Introducing two new Super Groove Precision Tonearms

All information relating to SG-PTA and SG-PTA HB is under embargo until 11am BST on Thursday 7th October 2021.

We are delighted to announce two new high-end tonearms, the SG-PTA and SG-PTA HB. Both models feature significant improvements over their predecessor, SG-1 Tonearm, and have a medium mass for today’s more common and less compliant cartridge suspensions. It’s unique and versatile design also make it an ideal partner for the highest quality cartridges and turntables. 

What’s new?

  • New precision Tri-pivot bearing with ultra-low stiction
  • New Headshell – Aluminium for SG-PTA and Titanium for SG-PTA HB
  • Heavier decoupled counterweight with adjustable outriders for easy azimuth adjustment
  • Heavier sliding effective mass /arm cartridge resonance/tracking weight fine-tuning adjuster
  • Custom Vertere or Vertere HB internal wiring
  • Machined from solid PTFE Arm DIN connector with precision machined Vertere connectors
  • All connections are custom manufactured and triple gold-plated.

Pricing and Availability 
The SG-PTA will retail for £2,000 and the SG-PTA HB for £3,500. Both precision tonearms are available to order now.

Marketing the SG PTA Tonearms
Images, a press release, a manual, brochure and social media assets can be downloaded below for use in your own marketing:

  • Update your website with information about SG-PTA and SG-PTA HB using the new images and press release provided
  • Share the news on your own social media channels – create localised paid campaigns to reach a wider audience at low cost 
  • Share any coverage you see about SG-PTA and SG-PTA HB on your own social channels
  • Use your database to contact anyone who may have been interested in making a purchase or upgrading their system
  • Share the SG-PTA and SG-PTA HB press releases with your local press to encourage reviews

Thank you for your continued support, 
Vertere Acoustics

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